Xfinity Now Supports Windows 8 and IMAP in Beta

windows 8 mail clientOne of the problems many people encounter with email on mobile devices is keeping all their mail pooled in one place. When email first became popular, a standard called POP (post office protocol) was used. Before we needed to check email on multiple devices, this format was acceptable. The problem with POP is that mail either resides on the server or device.

If you don’t want to delete your messages more than once, and keep your mail in the “cloud,” you need to be using a service that uses the IMAP protocol. Popular online services like Gmail and Hotmail already use this protocol and allow you to check, delete, and save email to the cloud. The mailbox actively syncs with the server to keep all your devices up to date.

As an Xfinity home user, I have been frustrated that my home email never supported the IMAP protocol. It seems that since Windows 8 was released, many users have been complaining that the native Microsoft Mail client built into Windows 8 ONLY supports IMAP. Because of this, Xfinity has launched an IMAP Beta Trial program. Following the link will take you to a simple signup form where you enter your email and password and within 2-3 days you will receive a notice that you have been enrolled.

There are simple instructions to set up your Comcast mail account on Windows 8 with IMAP. Other than changing the server port to 993 and using SSL, the set up is seamless. Normally IMAP uses port 143 by default, so you will need to make sure you update this!

The other great thing is that this change is not limited to just Windows 8 users. IMAP is just a protocol to receive email. Your mail will still be sent using the standard Now, you can sync your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android Tablet, Blackberry, or any other device with a mail client together. Good luck and happy e-mailing!

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