Best iPhone and Android Weather Apps to Beat the Heat

best iphone weather appsWow it’s hot up here in the Northeast!  There’s a lot more out there than just your standard Apple and Android when it comes to weather apps.  Here’s a few we found that have some nifty details that make checking the weather easier from from your smartphone or tablet.

All three of the weather apps are free and available for iPhone and Android:


There are lots of weather apps that provide detailed forecasts, including the Weather Channel app and WeatherBug, but Accuweather has the cleanest design of the traditional weather apps while still providing radar maps, daily forecasts and meteorological data.

A neat little feature is that the background of the app changes according to the conditions outside.  It also gives helpful warnings you may not see if your standard weather report.  For example, if it’s hot and humid you might get a hair frizz warning!


One of the highest rated weather apps on iTunes is also the simplest.  The brightly colored iPhone app shows just the current temperature and weather at launch, but hold down and drag up on the screen and it will cycle through what it will look like minute-by-minute for the next 24 hours.  You can also add favorite locations and of course switch locations when traveling

Yahoo Weather

Released last April, Yahoo! Weather recently just received a very important feature with it’s latest update that not every app carries – the UV index.  Obviously, that can be very important for parents and not making sure you’re out there baking on the beach too long.

Perhaps most importantly, though, the update adds support for displaying ultraviolet information for select countries in the app. Now you can see the UV index in a city’s details view, providing a forecast of the risk of overexposure to the sun.

Yahoo obviously carries all of the other standard features one would expect with a weather app.


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